Casa Rolio. The Home Fashion Brand

Casa Rolio. The Home Fashion Brand

We believe in the power of home decor to bring joy and creativity.

In 2023, we embarked on a journey to redefine home textiles, giving rise to Casa Rolio — a brand crafted around the principles of maximalist design, superior functionality, and a vibrant embrace of bold colours.

Home is a space to support, connect, and create.

At the core of Casa Rolio is the idea of re-creating and celebrating 'THE BOLD THAT HOLDS'. For us, home is a space to hold emotions, memories, and moments, and homewares should reflect that sentiment. This is why we pick your daily, ordinary items that hold items, from wine glasses, winter hot water bottles, to tissue box covers. 

Your Home is Your Runway Show.

We position ourselves as a fashion brand, encouraging everyone to showcase our products — interact with them in whatever way they want, just like how they interact with their favourite dress or sneakers. Take a picture and post it, as it represents some parts of your unique charisma. Your choice of homewares reflects who you are and how you see this world. Our use of bold colours is meant to complement and enhance that self-expression.

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