Our story

Casa Rolio was born in London, from a profound love for the essence of home. Founded in 2023, our journey began with a vision inspired by the masterful strokes and captivating colours of Mark Rothko's paintings. Like Rothko, we understood that within the walls of every home lies a canvas awaiting the infusion of emotion, colour, and story.

Reiji, our visionary founder, found herself captivated by the way Rothko's art evokes profound emotions and narratives through the interplay of colours and patterns. It was this enchantment that became the guiding light for Casa Rolio's ethos — to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, to infuse every corner of life with the richness of expression and individuality.

Paint every Casa in Rolio's colours

At Casa Rolio, we believe that your everyday items should bring you joy and happiness. While Rothko aims to make people feel sad and cry, we wanted to do the opposite and make our customers smile. Inspired by Rothko's bold colours and strong feelings, we create home fabrics and accessories that bring happiness and warmth.

Just as Rothko's paintings take people on an emotional journey, our products invite you to fill your home with joy. Whether it's the bright colours of a throw pillow, the calming tones of a hot water bottle, or the beautiful patterns on a piece of dinnerware, each Casa Rolio item is made to bring a sense of wonder and delight.

Why Bold? Because We Are

At Casa Rolio, we take great care in selecting the finest fabrics sourced from diverse corners of the globe.

From the weaving of intricate patterns to the stitching of every seam, our artisans pour their expertise and passion into every detail, resulting in timeless creations that embraces both elegance and durability.

With an unwavering dedication to sustainability, we strive to ensure that every thread and stitch aligns with our ethos of mindful consumption and environmental responsibility.

Just as Rolio fearlessly embraces bold colours and patterns, we invite you to join us in celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship and the power of sustainable choices.